RoboCop3...just terrible

2009-09-19 12:00:14 by BORKOYz

It was on the other night, never seen it, so decided to watch...

I seriously dont know why anyone would even agree to actually film a piece of shit like that. The movie was soooo bad, retarded story, stupid actors, everthing was just a bunch of shit stuck together.

So my words of advice...


also did anyone liked it?!?!?

i know its the game, i bet u that was just a shit as the movie

RoboCop3...just terrible

i hate it when...

2009-09-10 11:23:47 by BORKOYz

your about to post something in the bbs and it gets locked >:(

it always seems to happened to me...

I saw this ps thread so i decided to do one because i was bored, i press 'reply to post', type up wat i was gonna say and uploaded the image, press 'post it' and it gives me that message, 'cant post this thread has been locked'.... aaarrrhhhh

since i wasted my time, i might as well as well post it up XD

i hate it when...

now ive been banned

2009-07-12 09:00:25 by BORKOYz

WTF the first attack these assholes did my account was safe, I never really used it. Now I finally get into again, start making posts. The second attack all my recent posts got deleted and now im banned.

I think NG shud strip all mods from bbs n start again with a better mod system.

this kinda reminds me of fight club when Edward Norton finds out he is Tyler Durden and he cant stop his own men.
The first rule of project mayhem is you do not ask questions....

now ive been banned

all my photoshop posts

2009-07-12 08:35:14 by BORKOYz

This sux so much ass... i lost all my photoshop posts, i feel like i wasted my time.
Anyway heres a collage of some of the stuff i still have left on my desktop and recycle bin which wasnt just yet deleted...

all my photoshop posts

1st News Post

2007-12-27 10:18:35 by BORKOYz

On Boxing I got myself an XBOX 360 it came in a budle pack with viva piniata and forza 2, I havent opened them because they look like shit, so I wanna sell them and maybe get another game for it. It just feels wierd coz its been a while since my last console (which was a gamecube) and most games I play were on pc.

I wanted to get Assassins Creed but all shops I went to didnt have it and other shops were closing. Today I went to work and I was looking around for Assassins Creed but still nothing, I really wanna play it. So I ended up buying Bio-Shock which is an awesome game, its starting to get a bit hard, but still im loving it. I love the design of the big daddys they look really cool, the only thing is they just take long to kill.

Games Im looking forward to is GTA IV, Halo 3, Gears Of War 1 and 2 (if it does come out) Assassins Creed and others